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It’s already been one year since I took up my role as President of the European Central Bank. It has been a difficult year for Europe and the world, but together we have achieved some important milestones:

• The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic came as a deep shock to all of us and warranted fast policy responses – and we delivered. Our measures are providing crucial support to the eurozone economy. • During the crisis, Europe has shown that by acting together, we can achieve more for European citizens. I am proud of our collaboration during this time. • We launched the #ECBstrategyreview. It’s an intense process and we are leaving no stone unturned. • I provided my signature for use on euro banknotes – it was great to see the finished product earlier this year. • We have started exploring the possibility of launching a digital euro.


The period ahead will be challenging but I am ready, together with my colleagues, to continue supporting Europe’s economies.

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Tomasz Waszczyk

Tomasz Waszczyk

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